Monday, January 11, 2016

Migrating a svn repository to git

I realize there are a ton of articles about migrating from svn to git, but this is mostly a note so I don't forget the steps. My situation is a bit particular since I need to import an svn folder to git.

The simplest way seems to be using svn2git. I've used used git-svn and SubGit, but to no avail.
The steps are as follows:
sudo apt-get install ruby
sudo apt-get install rubygems
sudo gem install svn2git

mkdir my_new_repo
cd my_new_repo
At this point we have installed svn2git and set up the folder in which we'll import our repo.
Next, is the magic one-liner which does all the work:
svn2git <svn repo> --rootistrunk --nobranches --notags --username <svn username> --authors <authors file>
This will take a while.
After the operation is completed, you will have in the my_new_repo directory, a local git repository with all the contents of the svn repo, including history. No branches or tags, just the trunk.
Next you should push the contents to a remote repository:
git remote add origin <remote repository url>
git push origin master
And that is all.

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